“The City of Macotte has received many compliments…on the new building, Citizens are very glad…and have great pride in how nice it looks. Many thanks in achieving the architectural design we envisioned.

Marge Strausbaugh, City Manager, Mascotte, Florida

“I have worked with Mainstream Construction Group for 10 years and counting and on over 50 construction jobs. Overall the relationship has been positive; they are stand up guys that deliver on commitments and on price.”

Brian J. Sullivan, SULLIVAN WICKLEY PROPERTIES, Atlanta, Georgia

Mainstream Construction Group, Inc. has been one of Palmetto Capital Group’s top performing general contractors for the last few years. They continually complete all work satisfactorily, adhere to contract specifications, and are responsive to our needs. Their staff members have always been dependable, consistent, professional, as well as personable. If you are seeking a general contractor, I highly recommend Mainstream Construction Group, Inc.

Jeffrey A. Lazenby, Sr. Development Manager, Palmetto Capital Group, LLC, Lakeland, FL