Dollar General

With over 300 Dollar General Stores successfully completed in the Southeast and Northwest, Mainstream is a recommended general contractor for the corporation. The Company works directly for individual developers building stores based on a negotiated pricing structure.

Speed is a determining factor in the construction of Dollar General Stores. Mainstream has a proven track record of completing a store in 23 to 45 days depending on local permitting and inspection approvals.

Team Mainstream has valued engineered the Dollar General corporate prototype including the energy calculations for HVAC, the electrical package and pneumatics for plumbing. The client saved money while maintaining the integrity of the design.

No. Units Completed: Over 300 stores built in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio and Kansas.

Construction Time: 23 to 65 Days

Completed: 2002 to Present

Combined Cost: Over $40 Million To Date